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Active Steward™ is a flexible tool to aid the management of the stewardship and regulatory compliance of chemical industry products and their constituents.

  • Contextual document storage linked to products, constituents, legal entities. From analytical data to fully viewable, on-the-fly, IUCLID datasets, from contracts to study reports, from regulatory submissions to communications with regulators.
  • Tracking a regulatory status for a growing number of initiatives.
  • Regularly updated inventory and lists run across all substances to generate status and change management reports.
  • Supply chain communications – tonnage, use, exposure – up and down.
  • Study monitoring module for consistent tracking of studies and projects – including tools for allocation of costs to co-sponsors – display progress and costs in a “Campaign”.
  • Reporting and communication tools to help quick, data driven decision-making for businesses.
  • Maintains corporate memory and provides a basis for regulatory history of products and substances.

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